“Remember your partner’s eyes when you first recognized yourself in them. Remember that energy, that joy”

jeff and joan stanfordThis year many couples downsized or postponed weddings or opted for a simple, intimate elopement. The phrase above, part of our elopement ceremony, has been especially poignant as we all were masked until this weekend when we were able to perform our first maskless elopement!

Joan, pictured above, witnessed, Sid photographed, and Jeff officiated. The couple and the three of us had received our last vaccinations at least two weeks earlier.

This time reminds us that spring and beauty reside here
We are not at the end of the pandemic, but the wedding at Easter serves as a wonderful reminder that there are new beginnings and opportunities for health, for excitement, for personal growth, and for intense living.

During the pandemic, the Stanford Inn & Resort has been THE place to be for wellness. Our mission is to demonstrate the joy of living well through a creative engagement with the food we eat; the work we do; our attention when we walk, garden, dance – move; when we create! We are so fortunate to have been able to offer wellness experiences while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Emerging from the stress of the pandemic means, in a sense, reclaiming life and for many, their health.

You can begin by improving your choices of what to eat, of how to organize your house, of how to set goals, of increasing time outside, and traveling.

As spring grabs you and you think, “I’d like to bring more enthusiasm to living,” think of us, the Inn, and our wellness program. Call or email our Wellness Programs Director Sid Garza-Hillman (sid@stanfordinn.com) for more info!