Planning Meetings & Corporate Retreats

Meetings are special at the Stanford Inn by the Sea! Corporate meeting planners select the Stanford Inn when seeking a site for a creative retreat. Recognizing that creativity must be fostered, planners know that their participants’ mindset changes as they wind over the Coast Range and through vineyards and redwood forest to the Mendocino Coast and the Stanford Inn. Once here, the cool Pacific breeze, healthy negative ionized air help clear minds unleashing creativity.

Meeting Sizes

We offer two meeting rooms: one offering space for up to 20 and the other with space for up to 40 depending on seating arrangement. An outdoor session in Mancha’s garden creates a break in meeting routines to “shake-out” old-thinking and help generate fresh-thinking.

Additional Services

We offer creative services, from group yoga sessions to art workshops that are helpful in stimulating creative process. Stimulating cooking classes, canoe trips, mountain biking, nature tours provide a breaks and help take participants out of their routines and ordinary thinking, helping generate vigorous discussions, explorations and creative processes.

Contact Us

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A Partial Glance @ The Stanford Inn Experience

“The Stanford Inn is a truly unique place. Their philosophy of living in harmony with the energy of the land and sharing the magical beauty of Mendocino…permeate every corner of the resort.”
– Health & Fitness Magazine