Stanford Inn & Resort FAQs

We are across Big River from the village and are approximately a walkable ½ mile depending on from where you leave the property.

¼ mile, Big River Beach and Headlands State Park just across the bridge.

There are 4 state parks within two miles of us. Trails are just behind the Inn, and our favorite are the old Coast Road which is bluff walk that leads to trails of Spring Ranch, which run along the bluffs above the open Pacific Ocean.

Right from our property or a short walk over to the Land Trust Overlook. Also Mendocino headlands off Heeser Dr. in the village.

We offer nine EV Chargers on the Stanford Inn property. Our charges work on Tesla and all other Electric Vehicles. There is no fee for guests to the inn and restaurant to charge their Electric Vehicle. (There is a charge for non-guests. Please check in at the office for off-site use of our chargers.)

Just as the sun sets, carefully watch the sun as it descends. On a clear day (often after a storm) the light from the sun may be refracted by a wave creating the famous, but elusive green flash. We usually see this in the Spring and late Fall. There’s often haze/fog other times of the year.

Along the coast – best views are from bluffs. Best months are March through May when Gray Whale mothers and calves return from birthing waters along Baja California. Orcas prey on the calves and can also be seen from sightseeing boats which launch from Noyo Harbor, 8 miles north.

Juvenile Grays can be seen other times of the year, playing along the Coast before drawn into reproducing. The upwelling cold Pacific currents provide food for Grays who are baleen whales and filter feed.

Look carefully for dolphins. We see these after first rains.

The Stanford Inn’s Catch A Canoe & Bicycles, too! is at neck of Mendocino Bay, at the foot of our property. Bikes are complimentary for our overnight guests and kayaks and outrigger canoes are available for a fee to both Inn guests and visitors staying elsewhere.  Reservations required please check-out our boating and biking website at

Explore the trails, tide pools and beaches; visit art galleries; visit Mendocino Coast Botanical  Gardens ; Ride the Skunk Train or bike the rails.

We offer a scavenger hunt to discover points of interest on our property for younger children. We can lend pails and shovels for beach times. Families visit parks, explore tide pools, enjoy time in our pool, meet our rescued donkeys, llamas, and horses, and look for our goose, Time.

There is a miniature train exhibit in Fort Bragg near the Skunk Train Depot. The Noyo Center for Marine Science offers exhibits focusing on the Pacific Ocean off California’s North Coast. The Botanical gardens also have activities for children.

Yes and not just dogs! We have hosted cats, potbellied pigs, iguanas, a variety of bird, a tortoise, rabbits, and others. Once a horse.

Yes. We are known for Plant Based receptions. And elopements “The two of you and two of us” – where we provide a photographer/witness and officiant or minister.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are plant-based and organic. Our cooked-to-order full breakfast is included with your stay. Lunch is available to go and can be ordered before 11 and picked up any time. Check us out at the Stanford Inn’s Ravens Restaurant.

Yes, one and two bedroom suites. One bedroom suites offer a living room as well as bedroom. The two bedroom suites provide two bathrooms!

Yes, we have three “housekeeping suites” each with kitchens on the lower property, including the Canoe Cottage with two suites and the Barn Suite. These are often rented for extend periods. Please give us a call for long stays.