Dinner @ Ravens Restaurant

Farm to table since the day we opened …

A truly exceptional experience, dinner at The Ravens is served daily beginning at 5:30 p.m. Our selections include a variety of starters, salads, soup and a selection of entrées, including our signature Sea Palm Strudel, and wonderful deserts.

Every Wednesday is our Ethnic Inspirations night, featuring ethnically inspired dishes that comprise a dinner in itself  (plus a limited Ravens Dinner Menu, click ‘ethnic night & special menus’ under the ‘menu’ header). Wednesdays give us an opportunity to experiment and play in the kitchen, while featuring live music and all-night happy hour!

Our menu continually changes in relation to the availability of organic ingredients, the seasons, and the creativity of our chefs! We feature cuisine inspired by our California and USDA certified organic gardens.

We offer a full bar and wine and cocktail specials – happy hour(s) –  from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm daily, and 3:30 – closing every Wednesday (see our weekly “Ethnic Inspirations” Wednesday dining specials!). Note: We do not offer happy hour on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Years Eve day.

Stanford Inn’s Ravens Restaurant is closed due to the Corona Virus.

Please call (707) 937-5615 or check stanfordinn.com for updates. Thanks and stay safe.

Small Plates

Daily Futomaki  – Ravens sushi sauce, ginger, tamari (wasabi upon request) 15 (GF, NF)

Maple-Tamari Glazed Tofu – wasabi emulsion and sesame seeds 12 (GF, NF, OF)

Rustic Flatbread – Hand-tossed thin crust, daily toppings (Gluten-free option available) 14 (NF; GF option)

Rice Paper Rolls – Marinated tofu, fresh bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, mint, cilantro, with chili sauce and peanut sauce 14 (GF, OF; NF)

Vegetables in Chili Sauce – Roasted snap peas in chili sauce, pepitas, sesame seeds, lime 9 (GF, NF)

Guacamole – Freshly made to order with baked tortillas Seasonal Pricing (GF, NF; OF option)

Borracho Black Bean Dip – Topped with herbed walnut and pepitas crumble. Baked tortillas 10 (GF, NF option; OF)

Appetizer Taco – 6 each | choice of:

  • Black bean borracho, cashew cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa cruda, crema fresca (FG, OF; NF option)
  • Smoked & shredded trumpet royale mushrooms and onions, pineapple cruda, pickled red onion (GF; NF option)
  • Grilled portobello and shallots, tomatillo sauce, pickled red onions, crema fresca (GF; NF option, OF option)

Soups & Salads

Soup – 10 (GF, OF; check with server re: nuts)

Caesar – Romaine lettuce, house-made croutons, walnut ‘parmesan’ 12 (GF; NF option)

Kale Stack – Massaged kale, raisins, avocado verjus vinaigrette, cauliflower ceviche, avocado tartare 15 (GF, NF, OF)

Roasted Beet – Roasted baby beets atop garden greens with toasted pecans and a creamy Dijon vinaigrette 15 (GF; NF option, OF option)

Seared Maitake Salad – Seared maitake mushrooms, mixed garden greens, cherry tomato, red bell pepper, cashew-Dijon dressing 16 (OF, GF, NF option)

Large Plates

Three Tacos – One of each taco with shredded lettuce, avocado, achiote rice, pinto beans, Ravens salsa 23 (GF; NF & OF option)

Enchiladas – Two soaked tortillas filled with grilled portobello mushrooms, rice, cashew cheese, roasted chile, with shredded lettuce, avocado, salsa fresca, Served with achiote rice, pinto beans 24 (GF, OF; NF option)

Ravioli – Roasted red bell pepper and sun dried tomato tofu ricotta ravioli, garlic caper marinara, wilted garden greens, walnut parmesan 26 (OF; NF option)

Kalua Mushroom & Coconut Rice – Hawaiian-inspired smoky mushrooms atop coconut rice. Served with pineapple, toasted coconut, bell pepper, tofu relish and braised chard with coconut milk 23 (OF; NF)

Sea Palm & Root Vegetable Strudel – Local sea palm, carrots, onions in sesame phyllo, accompanied by a stir-fry of broccoli, shiitake, bell pepper and cashews. Served with Umeboshi and wasabi sauces 29 (NF option)

Wild Mushroom & Creamy Polenta – Creamy herbed polenta, oven roasted mushrooms, Pinot Noir reduction, roasted Brussels sprouts and snap peas 26 (GF, NF)

Thai Red Curry – Mixed vegetables and tofu in red curry sauce, Jasmine coconut rice 21 (GF, NF, OF)

F = Gluten free
NF = Nut free
OF = Oil Free

Bread Available by Request.
Due to the drought, we serve water only by request.
20% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

Please notify us of any food allergies or preferences at least 24 hours prior to your reservation by e-mailing our Nutritionist/Kitchen Director, Sid Garza-Hillman: sid@stanfordinn.com

Ravens Restaurant Menus

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