halloween at stanford inn

Halloween is just a week away. And it is the beginning of the Holiday season. We love the longer nights, the coolness and the promise of more frequent rains.

For us, this is not a time of hibernation, but a time of creativity, rich and wonderful. Joan spends more time in her studio, creating collages and writing poetry. Jeff writes. For those who have read the Inn’s newsletter, you’ll know that he is a meditator, an explorer. He feels we are here to help others, learn from one another, and most importantly explore the questions raised in our life on this planet – the why’s, what’s, and how’s of life. Exploring is often risky yet rewarding. We must be open to learning, to changing.

Below is an exploration of the dynamics of vegan living and raising healthy and confident children, vegan children. Our nutritionist/wellness programs director, Sid Garza-Hillman and Lisa, his wife, know. They have raised three kids on a plant-based, vegan, diet since birth.

We, Sid and Lisa have discovered that how we eat is life-affirming, not only beneficial to the planet and animals but to our sense of well-being. Joan and I have greater energy in our 70’s and are still thrilled to work, to explore, to talk with you, our guests, and to share our friends. Today we share with you, Sid.


Happy Halloween,
Joan and Jeff Stanford