mendocino hotel with ocean view at Stanford Inn

Celebrate the Air!

Mendocino’s air is magnificent, cleansed by sun and sea spray over 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean. And, when we first arrived, the Coast air was a revelation: Joan was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Jeff in Kansas City, both in North America’s Midwest. Here, each morning we celebrate the air of the Mendocino Coast with Parker and Ellie, our dogs.

Breath, is essential and most of us pay little attention to our breathing. In past work, we did pay attention and took classes in breath work from yogic breathing to breathing techniques to induce particular brainwave frequencies, conscious states.

We now offer Sid’s breath work classes which help develop effective nasal breathing (a natural/functional breath for humans). The classes are innovative and minimize counting, relating much of the work to walking – a whole body approach. We like this approach because it is more generally focused not looking for a particular outcome – sustaining oneself in icy water or producing a particular frequency in one’s brain. It is accessible and we are excited to be able to share that with you.

Joan and Jeff