surrounded by nature

A getaway is often inspirational and energizing, but other times, we are more tired than before we left – especially from those visits to “exciting” destinations.

Perhaps because we (Joan and Jeff) grew-up surrounded by wooded creek and river banks to explore, other homes surrounded by gardens, and empty, undeveloped lots or parcels, a getaway surrounded by “the natural” remains a true resource that allow us to kickback, and then energize and inspire.

You, our guests, often remind us why seeking-out a destination that is infused and surrounded by “the natural,” though without same “excitement” of a trip to major tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, or San Francisco, is invaluable for rejuvenating, motivating, rediscovering purpose. The simple “return” to a forest, empty beach, or wind-swept headland offers so much. Our ground of being is the “natural” – nature in its wildest forms.

Take a walk in a park, a local trail, or, of course, come see us on the Mendocino Coast.

Enjoy nature wherever you are,
Joan and Jeff Stanford