valentines champagne and dessert

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of relationship, founded in love, a term that resists definition. Love is more than pheromones or the qualities of a partner’s hair, their physique, their mind. It is a celebration of all that connects – the excitement, the promise of unfathomable experience with another, and the continuing promise of more – greater depth, more connection, and always a new insight into another or into oneself through the other.

Love has no pattern, no concept. It is beyond knowing. It is not a noun. It is a verb – it manifests in relationship. Therefore it is not a “thing”, a concept, an idea.

This Valentine’s Day, unlike last year, we celebrate a physical aspect of love – intimately sharing a special dinner, chocolate and fruit, sparkling wine. Our kitchen and dining room are open. Our staff works hard to provide a safe environment to assure that the distance between you becomes no distance at all.

Wishing you many Happy Valentine’s Days – with realizations of loving.

Joan and Jeff