By Sid Garza-Hillman

Seems like intermittent fasting is all the rage these days – restricting eating to an 8 – 10 hour window (during daylight) and no calories outside of that window. And while I do ease some clients into this model and practice it myself most days, my focus of late has been on an entirely different take on intermittent fasting. Namely to intermittently fast from news, social media, and technology in general.

For years I have been running on trails without a watch, and with my phone in my pocket for most of the runs (I only pull it out to check how long I’ve been out etc.). It allows me to not only notice and appreciate what’s around me, but allows me time to think…So many of us are hyper-focused on food and exercise, but it is equally important to focus on our mental well being, our stress, our happiness. Any time each day that we “fast” from technology is time we reconnect to ourselves, reground, and slow down.

So, just as I small step some of my clients into intermittent fasting in the nutrition/food realm, I small step them into intermittent fasting in what I refer to as the “mental nutrition” realm…taking time away from tech and into creativity, journaling, breathwork, nature and more…