spring flowers - purpleWinter has descended on much of the country. People hunker down, finding cozy corners in front of fireplaces, with a comforter, perhaps a book.

Here, it is different: Nature invites us to Spring, not Winter.

Rains nurture the mountains and headlands, the forests and meadows. Our gardens are exploding – spikes of green accompany daffodils; a gladiolus surprises us. We welcome guests to Spring’s treasures to experience what we do as stewards of this land and the energies it holds.

As owner/innkeepers – who live and work here with friends who began as employees – we see this time, everybody else’s winter, as an opportunity to express values of true innkeeping with its personal touches, without a screen interface, opportunities for greater intimacy, and connection to nature.

And we provide true wood burning fireplaces (current carbon rather than the archaic carbon used in gas fireplaces). We offer warmth with the sun blazing over the ridges and Pacific (don’t let the clouds fool you in the image above – we have had beautiful Milky Way nights!); and there are books. But we encourage walking, hiking, running on our incredible local trails. And we suggest listening to the ocean and breezes, the rain, and seeing the beauty surrounding you.

Joan, Jeff, and our friends