Beginnings & Anniversary

Joan, Jeff, Kate and Alex - the Stanford FamilySeptember marks the end of summer when structure replaces “freer” days. Before shifting back to routines, we take time to consider what do we most want to give ourselves each day, give our family, give our community? And what new experiences can we offer our guests?

September 15th marks our anniversary taking stewardship of this amazing property – 43 years, a lifetime. Our kids are in their 40s and our first grandchild just started kindergarten. Watching her excitement and curiosity as she starts this adventure, knowing how her world is expanding, we are embracing this new year, as our granddaughter is, with enthusiasm.

(Photo: Joan, Jeff, Alex, Kate – 1986)

Come visit this fall – mornings’ crisp air invigorates, the starry skies inspire, Big River flows on.

Joan and Jeff