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American’s toilet paper requires “harvesting” 7,000,000 trees per year, mostly Canadian White Spruce which are found in the world’s boreal forests. These forests are the planet’s largest terrestrial carbon sink holding 11% of sequestered carbon. We have adopted bamboo, a grass-based paper. There is an additional expense and the boreal forest is worth it. We use Bim Bam Boo.


To-go containers can be disastrous if made from trees or oil. Ours, both clear plastic and paper, are made from plant starches and fibers, primarily sugarcane. (We choose products from a variety of companies, including Eco Products.)


Printing and copy paper is made with sugarcane fibers, not from trees. It is up to 300% more costly, but considering our low use, the increase does not contribute substantially to costs. We buy “Treezero” paper from different outlets.


Laundry sheets, for the home, but not for the bed. These sheets are made with plant based products to replace liquid laundry detergents. They reduce the enormous waste and plastic pollution from detergent jugs.

Let us know of any new options you have heard about – we always love to discover new products!