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A Holistic & Integrated Wellness Center

The Stanford Inn's Mendocino Center for Living Well



The Mendocino Center for Living Well (MCLW) at the Stanford Inn provides an integrative and unique approach to wellness. Based on the principle that
“living well” is a state of mind, at MCLW we provide real-life, practical instruction and guidance for the development and benefit of the whole human being: physical, mental, and spiritual.

MCLW Offers …

  • Massage, Facials & Ayurvedic Treatments

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Yoga & Tai Chi

  • Acupuncture, Acupressure & Chinese Herbals

  • Cooking classes

  • Imagination Playshop classes

  • Gardening classes

  • Counseling & Meditation

  • Foraging & Nature tours

Contact info
44850 Comptche-Ukiah Road, Mendocino . CA 95460
707 937 5615

MCLW programs director
Sid Garza-Hillman


At MCLW we believe in a well-rounded approach to living well, and that all we offer here plays an equally integral role in everyone’s transition to healthier living. Here are the wonderful and wide-ranging services MCLW offers!

The Art of Play by Joan Stanford


The Art of Play by Joan Stanford

At forty-two, Joan Stanford―a busy mother, innkeeper―discovered, to her surprise and delight, a creative process for insight and healing that allowed even her, a self-proclaimed “non-artist,” to start making art. In The Art of Play, Stanford shares her journey through art and poetry as an example of how taking―or, more appropriately, making―time to pay attention to the imagery our daily lives presents to us can expand our awareness and joy, and she offers readers suggestions for how to do this for themselves, inviting them to embark on their own journey.

Order wherever books are sold and online …

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OR order direct by phone via The Stanford Inn – 707.937.5615