A Special Experience to Enhance Your Stay

3-night minimum, subject to availability

Join Certified Nutritionist Sid Garza-Hillman, (author of “Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto” and host of the Approaching the Natural Podcast and YouTube Channel) for a truly life-changing getaway! Sid and the Chef Instructor from Stanford Inn’s award-winning Ravens Restaurant will show you everything you need to know to begin living healthier immediately. Living well is a gift, and at the Stanford Inn we make the transition fun and exciting!


  • Super easy and practical tools to transition to a whole foods plant-based diet
  • How to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight
  • All you need to know about nutrition!
  • Easy tools to help transition your whole family
  • Plant-based cooking techniques and recipes
  • Tools to reduce inflammation
  • How to make a truly long-term lifestyle change


  • Three dinners
  •  “Nutrition/Healthy living” & “Small Steps to Healthy and Happiness” classes with nutritionist/ author Sid Garza-Hillman
  • One ‘Healthy Shopping’ class with Sid Garza-Hillman
  • Two healthy cooking classes with tastings
  • Copy of Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto AND Dining at the Ravens Cookbook!

$600/person + tax in addition to your stay (gratuities not included)

$915/couple + tax in addition to your stay (gratuities not included)

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Read our testimonials!

A piece of heaven exists up in a beautiful town named Mendocino. I will forever be grateful to the Universe for allowing me to experience the magic of the Stanford Inn. A place where you go to not exactly forget about all of life’s stresses, but to recharge, renew, learn about yourself, ACCEPT yourself, love nature and nourish your body, mind and spirit. The hardest part (and best) was choosing what to eat because everything is PLANT-BASED and many ingredients come from their garden. I want to thank the Stanfords for making me feel at home and for inspiring my new dreams, Sid for sharing your wealth of knowledge and doing what you do everyday, and Alicia for loving all the plant goodness as much as I do. I can go forever about how much I love this place but that wouldn’t be fun for you! Go out there and make this trip a reality for yourself! You’ll thank me later. – N.F.

We spent the weekend at The Stanford Inn and felt that it was a wonderful, magical place to stay. The staff are so helpful, the rooms are beautiful and cozy. We took some cooking classes from Chef Sadhana who is amazing. She explained all of the recipes thoroughly and showed us how to make each recipe in detail. Sid Garza-Hillman taught us life management skills along with nutrition classes. He took us to the market to understand labels to know the best foods to buy nutritionally. His wealth of knowledge on nutrition and life stresses is so incredible. We were lucky to spend the weekend with these incredibly knowledgeable people, they  enhanced our lives to the max. I would definitely recommend the resort, what a great experience! – S.F.

Thank you for the class. It was inspiring. Sadhana and Sid’s nutrition and cooking class is both entertaining and informative. Having taught cooking classes in the past I can say it is also a fantastic value. The ingredients are wholesome and organic, often from the Stanford Inn’s biodynamic garden. Sid and Sadhana form a great team, they are funny and knowledgeable, it is a pleasure interacting with them. One can learn and eat well at the same time. I couldn’t ask for more. – M.C.

Hi Sid and Sadhana, I want to say how much I enjoyed the “Healthy families: everyday cooking and nutrition.”  It was incredibly fun, instructional, easy to follow and delicious.  The level of skills was really impressive both with the nutritional side and the cooking.  I really loved how it was hands on and we all got to taste what we made.  The nutritional information was so well explained and not at all overwhelming.  I came home very excited about trying new recipes and follow incredibly helpful nutritional guidelines. I can’t wait to participate in the upcoming classes!! Thanks again. – A.C.G.

Sid, it was great chatting with you this weekend. My wife and I enjoy coming here, and plan on making it a early trip. After talking with you and Sadhana, I am hoping [my wife] will make the move from dairy and fish, and embrace a complete plant-based diet. We also cannot express our thanks enough to Sadhana, who spent several hours teaching us great ways of  cooking plant-based. The foods and sauces we made were fantastic, and we are both excited to get home and cook them for family, friends, and even a few skeptical firemen. Sadhana is awesome. – A.W.