Gypsy’s life continues to be a miracle.

/Gypsy’s life continues to be a miracle.

Gypsy’s life continues to be a miracle.

Except for occasional pain in his left hip, right knee or left front leg that are continuing to heal, Gypsy is in great shape. He has returned fully from the aspirin experiment. He clearly had been losing blood from internal bleeding and now, without aspirin and following only one acupuncture treatment he jumps and gets up on his own, runs after Murphy and always follows me to the kitchen door. His appetite is back: he loves his sea palm strudel and nori as well as Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance vegetarian (vegan) dog food.

Before his first (and so far only) acupuncture treatment, our veterinarian suggested that Gypsy go on to an anti inflammatory called Remedyl. I asked her if she knew if there was any relationship between the drug and cancers. She called the veterinarian head of The Animal Care Center in Rohnert Park. He was amazed that Gypsy was still with us. It was months ago that Gypsy came home from the Center to die. Gypsy is a testament to the power of natural processes for healing.

Some of you have told me that you read about Gypsy and we wanted you to know.

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