Sustainability, the Community, and “Conscious” Tourism

Sustainable is a state of mind. Being sustainable does not simply mean driving a Prius or reusing bags. It is “mindfulness.” And as it is ‘mindfulness’ it has to do with consciousness. Our industry is currently awash in green: inns and hotels are engaged in what some call “Environmentally Conscious Tourism,” which in many instances signifies establishments that urge guests to hang towels to dry, provide access to environmental treasures such as parks, and perhaps purchase organic lettuces to be used in salads served at the inn’s restaurant.

We believe the term should mean much more. We look at every aspect of our endeavor with an eye on reducing impacts on the environment and providing the healthiest context possible for guests, diners, staff, and the surrounding community. We work for social equity for our staff in order that they can survive in a very expensive region.

Furthermore, we believe that many visitors come to the Coast not only to experience the rugged beauty, but also Mendocino, an archetypal North American small town of which the Stanford Inn is an integral part.


Stanford Inn guests may charge their plug-in vehicles for no cost, while others pay a $4.00 service charge.  We have two systems – two each 80 amp 240 volt Tesla Chargers and four 30 amp, 240 volt Schneider EV230pdrs. The Schneiders have SAE J1772 compatible charging plugs. All those wishing to charge their vehicles should contact the front desk between 8am and 10pm daily. The EV charging station is yet another example of the Stanford Inn by the Sea’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

The Stanford Inn & Resort on the Mendocino Coast

  • Helps protect Big River from environmental degradation
  • Maintains Mendocino Land Trust access to the bluffs overlooking Mendocino Bay
  • Provides authentic Farm to Table organic fine dining experiences
  • Does not use herbicides or pesticides
  • Converted all ten acres to sustainable and organic gardening and landscaping in 1985
  • Provides organic produce, herbs, and fruit used at the Ravens’ Restaurant and Mornings at the Stanford Inn by the Sea – substantially reducing our carbon “footprint”
  • Composts all food and organic wastes which are recycled into our gardens, virtually eliminating the use of outside fertilizers
  • Provides kayaks, traditional canoes and locally designed and constructed redwood canoes for low impact exploration of Big River
  • Provides mountain bikes to explore Mendocino’s trails and back roads
  • Developed energy conservation programs beginning in 1980 for heating, lighting, laundry
  • Provides a nurturing work experience for local students
  • Offers internships: The Mindset of Sustainable Living – Practices and Philosophy
  • Sponsors community, arts, theatre, and athletic events and programs
  • Provides educational programs in gardening, cooking, nutrition, yoga, meditation and even composting
  • Provides canoes and kayaks for local school programs at no charge
  • Provides a place for local artists to display and sell their work
  • Provides a place for the community and its non-profit institutions to meet at no charge
  • Uses all green cleaning supplies
  • Uses diesel powered trucks fueled with locally produced biodiesel made with reclaimed vegetable oils
  • Encourages employees to respect their cultural traditions
  • Provides English classes for staff
  • Created maps of trails for visitors to help assure they have a quality experiences on the Coast while minimizing their impact as well as a map of historic activities on Big River estuary
  • Recycles
  • Click for information on sustainable lifestyle events and specials